Welcome to raSahealth Wellness Store

Welcome to our wellness store.

There are many products which you can pick up at a health food store and many of us do.  However, nutritional companies make formulas a little different which are distributed only through licensed practitioners.  These companies spend countless hours educating us and cultivating our understanding of how to best apply these products for our patients and their families.

I have spent years seeking out and learning through trial and error which lines & products are the best for me, my family and my patients.

The Rasa wellness store contains many of the products I have come to know and trust which I have found to have the highest integrity and best efficacy.  This store was created as a convenience for our busy patients.  Now they can just order their products online and not have to make an extra trip to our office to fill up their supplies.

As our educational teleseminars develop we will be teaching you protocals that are specific for different conditions such as leaky gut, heart health, detoxification and healthy homes.  Many of the product support we talk about can be found here.

If you have a favorite product you just love...take a moment and tell us about it .We can all learn from each other.

* We are still adding new products to the site each week * Click Here to view the items we have so far.

Yours in health,

Sharon Rasa, D.C.

raSahealth Wellness Store

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